Drei Groschen Oper




About the Project

The "Dreigroschenoper“ is a progressive work by Bertolt Brecht which was staged in a new way, only using typography. The play from 1928 is the first of its kind, introducing the epic theatre, which deliberately distanced the viewers from the action and made them rethink what they saw. The Distancing and the incitement to think through Brecht‘s progressive thoughts were my guiding principles for the design, using type to convey specific voices and messages.

Therefore, “Futura” was used as the voice of progress, speaking for Brechts quotes that are spread throughout the book, since the font by Paul Renner was designed during the same time and was as progressive as Brechts thoughts during the time. The main text was set in “Fira Code” which acts as a modern equivalent to typewriter fonts which were common at the time. The text are accompanied by bright, yellow surfaces that are ever so slightly tilted to conciously interrupt the readers flow.