Benedikt Böhm




About the project

This project was the result of a two week design competition briefed and comissioned by Benedikt Böhm to over 60 students at Designschule München. In an initial brief he told us about himself, his ambitions and what he wants to achieve with his logo.

Who is Benedikt Böhm?

Benedikt Böhm is a german extreme athlete and founder of Dynafit, a sports apparel and equipment brand that focuses on his sport - speed mountaineering.

According to his briefing his principles and personal qualities when it comes to speed mountaineering are lightness, speed, coolness and maximum omission to overcome the challenges of his sport and his life as a company leader.


Speed, lightness and the path always leads upwards, both on the mountain and in the company. That's how I approached the logo design by carefully looking into his principles and personal qualities he mentioned during his brief while avoiding obvious symbols like mountains, skis and other elements directly connected to his work.

In the process, keywords such as "fast and cool", "lightness through maximum omission", "stability and clear lines" resulted in the choice to mainly visualize them in the shape of an abstract eagle which embodies these attributes and qualities. On the one hand the eagle is called the the king of the mountains and the skies, which is why it creates a direct connection to the sport, while possessing certain qualities such as speed, lightness and also a certain flow in gliding flight.

The shape of the logo also reflects the idea of maximum omission and clear lines, as the logo is based on a very broken down representation of this bird of prey. In addition to the depiction of the eagle, a capital "B" for Benedikt Böhm was hidden in the wing to create a direct link to the name/brand. The eagle is pointing upwards to indicate an upwards movement, which is of importance as a speed climber as well as an entrepreneur.

I deliberately chose an equilateral triangle standing on its apex for two reasons: On the one hand, the triangle has a connection to the mountain in terms of shape and by standing on its tip, it creates a constant state of motion. On the other hand, this shape is ideal for several applications, as it can be very well inserted into a circle or a square and thus offers more design possibilities.


Final Result