Lucius Medical




About the project

For this group project the task was to come up with a company that fits a randomly drafted saint by looking at his/her life, attributes and values. In our case it was Saint Lucas who we thoroughly researched and came up with many ideas.

Saint Lucas was a doctor and artist which is why he later turned into the patron of doctors, surgeons and the sick. Furthermore, the name Lucas comes from the latin word "lux" which means "light". The convenient combination of his names meaning and him being the patron of doctors made us come up with the idea of a company that provides medical light systems.

The brand

Lucius Medical is a fictional company that has made it its business to create optimal lighting solutions in the medical sector achieve the best possible result for patients. They offer lamps for specific medical applications as well as complete room solutions for medical practices, dental practices, surgery rooms and hospitals.


The Logos goal is to be timeless, minimalistic and easily recognisable to be applicable in whatever context needed, be that on the lamps, printed or digital products. To achieve this we were inspired by the product itself, which is medical lights, in this case a surgical lamp. The arrangement of the outer shapes also indicates a connection to the holy trinity, since the root still lies with Saint Lucas.


The visual language is based on the logo shape which is used throughout as a visual element to connect different applications. Therefore it is oversized and cut off at the edges so it isn't recognizable as a logo anymore but the shape language still shines through.