Meet Munich

UX/UI Design / Design Thinking



About the Project

This project was about researching public space in Munich and finding out about potential issues and interviewing people of all ages to find out their concerns and wishes to ultimately find solutions. One of the many similar responses my team and I got was that "It would be good to create more awareness of what kind of opportunities the public space offers already.”

Following this issue we developed a concept and prototype for an app that solves the problem by not only providing information about the huge range of public spaces in Munich, but also by letting users create meeting places for activities and interest groups with the goal of bringing people together.

Meet Munich offers an interface between organisers, private individuals and the public space. For example, private individuals can follow interest groups, locations and hashtags and be kept up to date on what is happening in their vicinity. Organisers have the option of registering events via the app, which are then displayed directly on the map so that interested parties can also drop by spontaneously and are informed about them in the first place.

The app also includes a forum that allows individuals to form interest groups and invite people to spontaneous meetings to get to know new people. If the public space is not used, it is just as if it did not exist. This is exactly why our app aims to draw more attention to these spaces so that public space is used more and better.


The discover section shows the user suggested events according to their interests and locations while pushing events that are soon and nearby to allow for spontaneous dicisions.


To discover what's nearby, the user can open the map to see events and activities that are happening in their area. To narrow or widen the search results, the user can modify the maximum distance to the location.


Much like following somebody on Instagram, this section shows the user locations, groups and activities they are following to see what is happening there right now or in the near future. From there on the user can mark events with a like to save them and to follow them more closely.


Liked locations, events, hashtags and activities are saved in this section with daily, weekly and montly overviews. This way the user can easily keep track of all the activities they want to attend or follow.


Meet munich is also there to connect people with similar interest, so it also includes a non-mandatory profile with which the user can connect with other people following the same hashtags and interests.