Pekay Yoga

Web / Branding



About the project

The task was design a website for a fictional yoga studio called "Pekay Yoga". Part of the process was to design and identity and develop an interactive prototype, always having a good user experience in mind.



Content & Structure

Before starting to design it was important to me to structure the content in a way that eases the accessability of information through a navigation system that makes it as easy as possible for the user to find their desired information.

Design structure

In order to structure the page visually and to separate paragraphs well from each other, either coloured areas or format-filling images were repeatedly used as "separators". This makes it easy for the user to find their way around and to distinguish between the different contents. On text-heavy pages, thin horizontal lines were also used to visually separate large amounts of text and thus create more space.

Colour & Imagery

The colour scheme is natural, pastel green and skin tones. This is deliberately intended to radiate a connection to nature and a natural balance. A bright orange was chosen as the accent colour for CTAs, which stands out strongly from the other colours and thus immediately attracts the user's attention.

Just like the colours, the imagery also refers to nature and tranquillity. Motifs are mostly calm and contain plants or natural elements.


On the one hand, the font choice results from the word mark, whose font is used as reading typography. On the other hand, a serif typeface with a classical touch while still being modern, was chosen for headlines and highlights. It is intended to raise the impression to a more luxury and classy experience. The very round shapes also create balance, like yoga intends to balance the body.