SV-DJK Taufkirchen

Rebrand / Web



Image Update

The task was to implement a brand relaunch for a club/community to improve their public image and overall appearence. I chose the SV-DJK Taufkirchen sports club where I used to play volleyball for a few years. The volleyball department in particular though had a noticeable problem with attracting new trainees, which is why I wanted to find out the reasons to this problem and solve them.

The problems I identified were rather cold, uninviting imagery and an outdated visual language. So my goals were to make the atmosphere warmer and more team-oriented and then redesign the logo and website to make the club feel more welcoming and contemporary to attract more young trainees.

Logo Redesign

The goal behind the logo redesign was to freshen it up by toning back the details and simplify it to a point where it is more usable in different sizes and applications while still keeping the essence of the original, which was inspired by the towns emblem. The colours were also retouched to fit the new design better.



Being greeted by a grey and dark picture of an empty sports park it was apparent from the get go that something had to change. The original imagery was in most cases very cold, static and mostly depicted singular athletes even for team sports. For an outside viewer there is no depiction of community, action or even fun which leaves room for improvement.

My solution was imagery showing athletes in action with their team to give a real insight into the training activities and made overall visual language warmer to be more welcoming to newcomers.



Landing Page

The website was designed with the primary goal of attracting new trainees. This is why it begins with a selector for "Finding your sport" after the overhauled hero imagery. Here newcomers can explore all the disciplines the club has to offer and can even filter them by age group, level of profiecincy, times of availability and training goals.

The next section ivites the user to learn more about the club and the landing page finally concludes with news, mostly for people that are already members.


The volleyball page was designed as an example for discipline subpages. The main goal was to invite new trainees in by giving them an insight into the training and explaining them the sport itself in a way that it doesn't bore them instead of telling them about the volleyball departement and how succsesfull or not it was, like the original page did.

The page ends with the timetables of training hours and also informs newcomers about the possibility to take part in a free test training anytime.

Additional Items

To accompany the redesign, new jerseys, a new sports ID card and a new banner were designed. The aim of the jersey was specifically to be more dynamic and more of an eyecatcher than classic jerseys with simple stripes.