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The Typographic Research Unit is a new initiative of the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD) which takes form in this project as response to a competition brief. It is conceived as an online platform that aims to establish, maintain and promote typographic standards through the forum of debate and design practice.

This projects ambition is to create the bases for an all-encompassing website that inspires and sparks curiosity in type and typography through a platform for typographic research, education resources and a discussion forum. It is supposed to work as a living archive, brought to life and ever extended through a community of working professionals, design students and typography enthusiasts.

Variable Logo

To represent the TRU and all of its underlying branches an infinitely expandable variable Logo concept was developed which relies on a font specifically created for this purpose — TRU Mono.

It uses a small variety of specific shapes out of which every letter is built. TRU Mono isn’t only supposed to work as a logo, but also as means to illustrate and create patterns while still being coded in text.


Inspired by typewriter fonts that remind of old documents and archives, I chose the modern equivalent in the form of a highly versatile 5-axis variable, monospace oriented, sans serif — Recursive.

This open-source font project by Arrow Type embodies the spirit of the TRU and works well with TRU Mono which made it the perfect choice.


To take full advantage of the digital platform I used very bright luminant colours to embrace the shift into the digital world. The primary colour to display the TRU is a very bright and energetic but positive green.

To help navigation and recognition the different branches of TRU were separated visually by colour coding them with three distinct colours.

Website Prototype

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