ZOOMIN Magazine

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About the project

The ZOOMIN digital magazine was a four week project with a team of ten students which resulted in a website with articles, photography and illustrations about Holešovice, all created by us. My tasks were to design and digitize a display typeface, write two articles and make short animations. Since the time was very limited, the font only includes upper case letters.

Uniqua is a high contrast font designed specificly for the ZOOMIN digital magazine about Holešovice. It draws inspiration from the high contrast in style and age of architecture, fonts and art in this district of Prague. It is conceptualised as an elegant serif-sans serif hybrid which makes it look historically inspired but at the same time contemporary.

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Our concept

Holešovice itself is a mixture of old and new, bold and simple, beautiful and ugly, this is where the concept of the magazine came to life - „Contrast with a minimalist approach“We wanted to reflect the essence of this Prague district with our unusual stories and images from the perspective of our own eyes. The final outcome was a website designed on the pillars of our concept. It is meant to be entertaining, interesting and full of contrast. The layout itself adds dynamic and makes it feel like flipping pages of an actual magazine by letting the user scroll horizontally.

The articles

The idea behind the article themes was to show the unseen and unheard stories of the district which reflects our experiences and impressions of this place in a whole different light. We wanted to make it personal and inviting for the reader to understand and see what we saw and how we felt. The stories of how we see art, what are our favourite places, street typography and community hubs. The stories of zoomin a little bit closer to this unique district which is full of surprises.